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The Ageless Advantage

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The do it yourself lifestyle to inhibit, & even reverse the primary driver of chronic disease & aging.

Throughout history humanity has looked for a way to cheat father time. To retain youthful vigor, beauty, and mental sharpness even as one passes middle age. 

We have largely failed. But not for lack of trying. Rather, we overlooked the evidence staring us in the face. 

In the mirror, every morning; your teeth tell the truth; about the degree of decay your body is struggling against. 

Tooth decay precedes wrinkles, arthritis, greying hair...& most importantly chronic disease.

What IF, you could actually help your body to inhibit, or perhaps even reverse...decay? 

Imagine if you understood  what is driving most chronic disease, & more importantly, how you could make simple changes in your lifestyle to shut down the driver of chronic disease? 

I'm Mario Hostios, and like you, I have felt the weight of father time on my shoulders. As I approached 50, I noticed the decline in my mood, focus and energy...but was it decline, OR was it decay?

I looked into hormone replacement therapy, and got my levels checked. They were still good- so what was beyond hormones? 

As I pulled on that thread and referenced the work of multiple doctors and scientists a picture began to emerge; one that they overlook because of tunnel vision. 

No, I am not a physician. I don't give medical advice. I am however, a fitness enthusiast, and a researcher. 

It took a little work to assemble their findings into actionable steps for the average person, but it was worth it. 

Here is what science has uncovered but failed to recognize:

Tooth decay is the forerunner of calcium leak into in your soft tissues- & THIS is the driver of chronic disease. 

Tooth decay. Osteoporosis. Clogged arteries. Kidney stones. All leaked calcium. 

Here is the good news! 

There are things you can do; in fact, things you must do as a lifestyle, to inhibit tooth decay & the consequential chronic disease in your body.

And doctors cannot do it for you.

Using the Ageless Advantage System- we assess your numbers on blood tests: and like credit repair, we fix them.

No, I'm not going to keep them secret. You need to know your Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Iodine status. 

This. Changes. Everything. 

Imagine: Not only no more teeth issues, but strong bones and no calcium deposits in your body well past middle age! 

What does that look like? What does that feel like? What would that do for your exercise regimen? 

Imagine the drive, energy and focus in of a young person-with the experience, wisdom, and judgement of an older person.

That-is the ageless advantage. 

Be 65- look 45, feel 35. 

You have come this far; are you ready to go all the way?

Click I want this. Let's begin.

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The Ageless Advantage

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