Corona Proof Your Life: Avoid the 3 Big Blunders that screw Americans in crisis

Mario Hostios
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The definitive first step to grab the 2020s by the balls & take back control of your future...even in the midst of the covid crisis. 

Stand up, suit up, & rise to the challenge. Invest 30 minutes into building a winning playbook for the next decade. A thriving future awaits you, but only if you shift your mindset, update your toolkit, and adapt to a brave new world. 

Start here-start now. 

Hey there:

Covid got you...Anxious? Pissed off?

Ready to turn the feelings of uncertainty & outrage into a calm, focused, confidence to come out of ANY crisis BETTER than you went in?

You are in the right place.

I’m Mario Hostios, & like you, I’ve had about enough of this covid crisis.

Enough of my people getting sick.

Enough of my community going nuts.

Enough of my country going broke.

Enough. Of. This. Crap.

Don’t you agree?

You see-

When the covid crisis hit the mainstream in March, I had already been following it for about 6 weeks. I observed the picture forming about the uncertain reality of the virus- and I modeled out the chain of effects that would play out over the next 3 years. 

It's tricky to predict the future, but worth the effort to forecast the interaction of the unknowns (novel coronavirus) with the knowns (predictable responses by officialdom.)

My jaw hit the floor. While I was concerned about the virus, and focused on a DIY solution for it, what really caught my attention was the crisis.

  • The currency crisis that would follow. 
  • The goods crisis that would accompany that. 
  • The predictable political theater that would form around it as different factions in the struggle for power would try to use this against others. 
  • The inevitable civil unrest that would accompany all this as people- scared of getting sick and worried about going broke would simply lose it. 

I couldn't sleep-

My conclusion was this covid crisis would touch EVERY aspect of our lives, forever altering our sociopolitical order, & putting millions of unprepared people at risk. 

I was ready. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm a prepper. I have training in first response, security, and I keep supplies on hand. I hang out with like minded people. We are the sheep dogs of the world.

But holy smokes-how to get people ready to take on this challenge?

First, I conducted private meetings with my inner circle. Now, it's time to reach out to you. 

You see-

  • Public health becomes personal when you know someone who has suffered through covid.
  • The economy hits home when it effects your plans, your job, your business.
  • The supply chain issue gets real when you can’t buy the stuff you want, because it's not for sale on the shelves.

Yeah, all around the 2020s covid crisis has been...annoying...& it's just beginning.

But I’m not beaten, and neither are you.

Crisis is just an opportunity for you to rise up to challenges, to rediscover your hidden strengths, and use them in ways you hadn’t considered.

And the first step on that path.

Here's what others have said about taking that step:

  • Corona proof your life is so much more! Thank you so much to Mario Hostios! I highly recommend this book and his course. No matter what the situation we need to be ready for the future in all of the ways that Mario teaches. Thank you, thank you and thank you again- Julie Turner- Hypnosis/Coach

  • With his new publication, Mario has created a user friendly guide to prepare your mind, body, and surroundings for the harsh reality of our current situation. He keeps the action plan simple and inexpensive with a focus on health and durability. This guide will change your life as it has mine. -Matt Kaufman- Dentist

  •   We will look back at Mario’s forecast & recommendations in a few years and recognize it for what it is: a map that navigated us from the old world to the new world. You don’t have to wait, beyond that, you can’t afford to- Corona Proof your Life is not merely an essential read, it is an essential action plan to execute now. It’s not too late, but you must get on board and get up to speed. Your health, wealth, and legacy literally depend on it. -Mark Rabbitt, USMC- retired

Corona Proof Your Life is not just a ebook, but an action plan, to execute NOW, to get ahead, and stay ahead...of the challenges that lie ahead.

Corona Proof your Life with:

  • 3 ways to assure your income in uncertain times
  • The Bottom Line list of provisions you must have on hand
  • The 3 fold vitamin stack for boosted immunity
  • The mindset and skills to practice NOW.

100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like my book over the next 30 days, then I will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked!

Corona Proof your Life is irreplaceable value in the 2020s. You wanna get ahead of the crisis, and start planning your moves instead of making them in a panic?

Here's a key. 

Recognize what you can afford to ignore... & what remains is crucial focus on, and that is what must can be accomplished.

As simple as possible, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Time is getting short. A wave of change is coming.

Knowing what to do won't be helpful IF you miss the window of opportunity to get it done. 

This IS the challenge of our lifetimes. Are you ready to kick it's butt? 

Are you ready to Corona Proof Your Life?

Say yes. Let’s get started. 

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Corona Proof Your Life: Avoid the 3 Big Blunders that screw Americans in crisis

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