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Injury Proof Fitness

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All too often-Big muscles= bad joints.

But it doesn't have to be a way of life. Instead, claim ownership of the hidden key to injury proof your fitness- be strong, look good, AND feel great. 

It’s not a theory anymore. It’s not a pipe dream.

I’m Mario Hostios, and like you, I’m a workout guy. I'm into physical culture. I embrace self improvement as a means to get things done.

 Can you relate?

If so, read on.

Weights, sports, martial arts, dancing, I enjoy exerting myself, I enjoy improving myself.

People like us, we don’t need to be pressured to exercise, we do it for the joy we get from pursuing our best selves.

Too often though, we pay a price for our physical lives, yes? Aches, pains, injuries, they pile up, pile on, until they suck that joy out of our lives.

I don’t just mean the physical pain. People like us, we are accustomed to discomfort, we even make friends with it, recognizing that it is the vehicle that brings us to excellence.

I'm talking about the emotional pain, the price you pay when your body cannot perform, and you don’t get to play anymore.

The loss of confidence that comes from the fear that your body will fail you.

I’m talking about the resignation that settles in as your body turns into a prison, instead of a vehicle to adventure through life.

You look at the old guy shuffling along, stooped, struggling to move without pain...and you see what you are trying to NOT have.

Let’s get real; the majority of people don’t care enough to do anything about it. They will march right toward the place where that old guy is...and that is perfectly okay.

But that’s not you- you simply want more, you DEMAND more, of yourself, and from life.

Realizing your potential is important to you, important enough that you will take action-

You just need good direction.

And it’s here.

My friend I get it. I’ve lived it. And I came through the other side.

You know what inspired me to create this?

Pain. Back pain. Scary diagnosis. Complete frustration. Self pity. Then resolve.

I was 23. Bent over. I needed to ice my back if I sat in a car too long. I could deadlift 405, but...

My back would cramp up if I bent over the faucet to brush my teeth. I’d always been told the pain was related to weakness, that I just needed to get stronger. Well, that wasn’t working.

It was time to discover what part of the equation I was missing. It was time to admit I could NOT fix this problem with the tools in my workout box.

And so I learned about alignment.  Posture. Bio-mechanics. I had two legs that weren’t the same length, or so I was told. I nearly went to chiropractic school, until I recognized that spinal alignment wasn't enough. I needed a whole body integration.

Think of it like this:
Your brush and floss your teeth to prevent gum disease and cavities yes? Well, the same is true from the neck down. Your muscles and joints need brushing and flossing as well to remain free of wear and tear.

If that sounds like foam rolling, it isn’t. If foam rolling was cheap beer, this is like expensive wine. 

There is a method, a magic, to brushing and flossing your muscles and joints, that I discovered by practicing what I’ve learned from others.

Others like Neuromuscular Therapy. Active Release Technique. Rolfing. Cranial Sacral Therapy.

What their methods have in common is a flaw; OK it’s not really a flaw, but it is NOT a feature. It takes a highly trained expert to administer it.

Injury proof fitness is different. It takes a highly well designed protocol and the person you see in the mirror to make the magic.

This is perhaps the pre-eminent form of self care, prehab or rehab, that you can do.

There is a magic method to brushing and flossing your muscles and joints. And injury proof fitness makes it brain dead simple and straight forward to do.

The results are pronounced, and well suited for those who want results fast.

How fast? Instant. 

Often improvement is 90 seconds away.

Here's why:

When you have “food’ stuck between your teeth, it's an obstruction. Relief is as simple as flossing it out. The same is true of a restriction in a joint or muscle.

And here is the playbook to start breaking free from these injury chains right here, right now.

Let’s be clear, it’s not age that takes most people out of the exercise and sports game. It’s injuries.

But imagine:

Shoulders that look good, & FEEL good. No popping, no aching, no paying the price for pecs.

A back that feels YOUNG when you wake up in the morning. A back you have confidence in.

Knees that don’t throb, click, or give out when you step awkwardly.

Hell we even work on fingers and toes with Injury Proof Fitness.

This. IS. IT. The missing piece to your program.

Don’t trash your joints to build your muscles. 

You can fix your issues in minutes a day. I will show you how.

The Injury proof fitness program includes:

The ebook

The video series

Complementary movements 

Let's begin. 

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Injury Proof Fitness

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