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All natural muscle building-fat burning programs with an anti aging & injury proofing twist.


Father Time Can Wait?

My superfood short list- the sardine

My favorite exercises & why I like them. #3 Jump rope.

My favorite exercises & why I like them. #2 Reverse lunge

My favorite exercises & why I like them: #1. The farmer walk.

#Resilience the keyword of the 2020s

Tonight is the time to get a running start into 2023

Uncle Mario's Metabolic Credit Score

The fastest way to improve your appearence! Part 2

The fastest ways to improve your appearance! Part 1...

Nutrition First Aid Kit- got 1?

Seafood- short & sweet essentials in your diet

Burn fat, build muscle- 6lbs at a time

Squats or Lunges? There is only one answer...

Taking super foods off my list & putting them on your plate- step 1

Who I follow-

Bitcoin blues

Baby Formula, Bitcoin, & You

Agents of Change

Floating Monks & Flying Saucers....seriously!

Spotlight: Dark Chocolate is a superfood!

Magnesium, Vitamin D, & you know what

Simple & successful diet advice- worth it I swear!

Highlight: Potato chips you can enjoy without guilt!

Spotlight: Watermelon- a slice of heaven!

Spotlight: Sardines are the healthiest fish in the sea

Spotlight: Why Coconut Oil is a must have...

Qigong Secrets Revealed- updated book format

Resilient Health In Uncertain Times

When you know exactly what to say & but not how to say it...

Countdown: My #1 all time favorite exercise

Countdown- my #2 all time favorite exercise

My all time top list of exercises: the countdown

Lifer lifters- these joint are next in line behind the hips to fix!

Silver Emergency- get your silver generator now

Lifer Lifters- feeling stiff? Start with this...

Self Defense in the Cyber Age...starts with immunity & vitality

Clarity over subtlety...what I offer

Can't raise the roof if your shoulders are crappy

Thor'sDay- Swing the hammer

Toosday TO DO List!

New Year Resolve kicks in today

Resilient Shoulders & Back- all the time...

This year is different...the sink or swim year is here

What is relevant now? on.

2022 countdown...make room with the broom

Countdown to 2022 in 4...

countdown to 2022...

Health assurance in uncertain times...

The fountain of youth...ingredients already in your bathroom...

Stiffness in the wrong places is a big problem...

The Biggest Scam is History is coming for you

Essential Items, Communications, & Transportation

Bio-Mechanics & lifelong pain free movement

Bodyweight Training- the always program

Deep Thoughts- Deep Squats

When you have had enough...

The Medical System

Essential Items in uncertain times

For the #LiferLifters!

Corona Proof Your Life- Post Election Preparation

Corona Proof Your Life this Halloween