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Great letter Mario! Meditation all the way!

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Hi Mario, When training in Kenpo our school was a strong competitor school on the karate tournament circuit. We had a lot of very good fighters. Was not too into the tournament scene but would spar with my classmates often. We would have classes dedicated to sparring. I was reasonably competitive but was sort of top heavy always thinking too much. Got into Transcendental Meditation during that period. My fighting ability improved quite substantially. Punches, kicks etc were all the same. But, timing, reflexes, intuitive response and all the non-physical attributes kicked in improving my overall fighting ability. Definitely helped with integration and staying in the Zone. Used meditation when in the service. Helped with leadership and relationships with fellow soldiers. Many years later, one day I got up and decided to meditate. Afterwards, I was sort of in the zone. Took my wife and dropped her off at our favorite coffee spot and looked for parking. Usually, a frustrating exercise. Typically, I let my brain take over trying to analyze where I should go. This time I sort of went with the flow and wound up somewhere I would never attempt to park in front of hotel a couple blocks away. I got out of the car and was immediately surrounded/accosted by a a group of Chinese folks wanting me to attend their Taoist Convention at the hotel. LOL! I laughed and asked if they were proselytizing me. And, that Lao Tse would be rolling over in his grave. They were very excited that I knew who Lao Tse was. Very sweet people. I had to beg off since my wife was waiting for me. But, I have found that serendipity strikes when one meditates. Regards, Justin

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